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Prior to 1923, there was no scope of technical education in Orissa. Students were going to Bihar School of Engineering for Diploma courses. On elevation of Bihar School of Engineering to Bihar Engineering College, Orissa School of Engineering was established in 1923 at Cuttack under Bihar-Orissa Government. After 2nd World War in 1939 and during Japanese aggression in 1942, Orissa School of Engineering trained more than 1000 War Technicians, demobilize soldiers & Industrial trainees. The institute was centre of war efforts in the Eastern Region. Lord Wavell, the then Viceroy of India was paying hurricane visits to the institution during the thick of war. Initially technician courses in Civil Engineering, Electrical-Mechanical Engineering were there in the Institute. At a later stage, to meet the Industrial demand diversified courses were introduced under semester system in 1971 in this Engineering School.