1) Can a student learn a foreign language in any of the Polytechnics?

Ans : No . That is not available.

2) How many students are admitted to the polytechnics each year?

Ans : The student intake for polytechnic courses may vary from year to year depending on the projected manpower requirements .

3) Is any Hostel Facility Available for Male and Female Students?

Ans :Yes . Hostel Facility available for a limited number of students.

4) What are the differences among the similar courses offered by other similar polytechnics?

Ans :The contents of these courses are largely similar. However, there are slight differences in the topics covered and options offered.

5) Do any of the polytechnic courses offer specializations and options?

Ans :Yes. Most polytechnic courses offer specializations and options for students to choose in their second or third year of study based on their interests and results obtained in their studies.